Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. However contacting your local facility directly can give you definite answers to your questions. Each facility has its own sets of rules and standards but this can give you a general idea of what to expect:

How much can my group earn?

Groups will partake in profit sharing of the sales of their particular location. You will get paid anywhere to 10-13% based on the facility in which you work. Most locations will also include a minimum payout to ensure a successful event for your group.

How many people do I need to work?

Each and every event is different. It can be as few as 1 person to 20 depending on the size, location and event happing at the time.

How old do you need to be to work?

Individuals must be 18 years old to work as in most instances you will be selling alcoholic beverages. Please contact local venue for specifics regarding age guidelines.

How quickly can we start working?

Traditionally once all proper paperwork is received groups can work once they have gone through a training seminar. In some instances this could mean a matter of a week, in others it could be a month.

Will our uniform be provided?

Each facility will have a different uniform which generally consists of a shirt or apron. You will need to wear black/Khaki slacks with closed toe slip resistant shoes. The rest will be provided for you.

How do we sign up for events?

The local scheduling coordinator will walk you through the process of working events and how the sign up process works.

What type of IRS designation does my group need?

You will need to be designated a 501C3 by the IRS in order to work in our facilities. You will need to present your Federal Tax Identification number to the facility.

Do we need health department certification?

Yes each city will have different regulations from their health departments that regulate the concessions operations. You will need to find out from your local facility what type of certification/card you will need to have

What do I need to have to sign up?

You will need to provide a copy of your Federal Tax ID number, copy of proper food certifications for each member, signed copies of liability waiver, signed copies of training handbook.

What kind of training and/or information will we receive before working in a stand?

Under the FORMS tab you will be able to see sample agreements and handbooks from various location. Please contact your venue directly to get any information that you need that is venue specific.

What is expected of us once working in a stand?

There will be opening duties which will include food preparation and inventory. During an event you will continue to stock your stand, prepare needed food, and provide customer service and cash register operation. Following the event you will need to reconcile your cash bank, complete your inventory and clean up your stand to pre-event standards.

How do we receive our payment?

With most facilities you will be paid once each month.