SAVOR Supporting the Communities it Serves

SAVOR believes in Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and the work they do every day to improve our community. One of our greatest priorities is giving back to the communities in which we live and serve. To assist in their efforts, SAVOR has cooked up some ideas to help them raise funds and for their cause during events. This past year alone SAVOR has contributed over $500,000.00 to local NPOs in our communities.

No longer are the days of working the car washes, collecting cans, or selling door to door products. Now you will be able to contribute to many meaningful events in your community and share in the fruits of your labor. Our opportunities can be as few as one person working a portable stand, to a group of 25 working a large concessions stand. We have needs for groups of all sizes and working with the coordinator you will be able to find the opportunities that best suit you and your group.

SAVOR contracts with about multiple venues (arenas, stadiums, parks, event centers, universities, etc.) worldwide and hosts events requiring concessions operations. These events range from sporting events, concerts, conventions, and many more. NPOs have the opportunity to share in the profits of the concessions stands while gaining exposure for their organization.

SAVOR extends revenue making opportunities to local schools, churches, sporting clubs and other community charities holding a 501C3 designation. Through the use of an on-staff coordinator in each facility; SAVOR manages the orientation, scheduling and training of all not-for-profit staff. In our facilities, we include not-for-profit groups in training for food safety, alcohol service and inventory management as well as customer service.

Our scheduling coordinator will work with each group to identify availability and experience levels in order to determine the appropriate use of the organization’s brand and their members within the venue. If you are interested in learning more please find the building you are interested in working with as they are listed below. By clicking on that link you will be given the contact information for the SAVOR coordinator who will be able to get your group connected. We look forward to working together to help your organization reach your financial goals!